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+What is Nantucket Disc Golf?

Nantucket Disc Golf is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that was founded in the summer of 2008 with the goal of bringing a disc golf course to Nantucket.

Nantucket Disc Golf is currently working to extol the virtues of disc golf, organize the construction of the course and do whatever is necessary to help maintain the course.

Nantucket Disc Golf has been featured in the Nantucket Inquirer & Mirror, the Nantucket Independent, N Magazine, and on the Morning, Noon and Night Show on PlumTV.

+So what is disc (FrisbeeTM) golf?

Disc golf is a fast growing, easy to learn outdoor activity that can be enjoyed by everyone. Similar to golf, the object of disc golf is to complete each hole in as few throws—or strokes—as possible. Instead of using golf clubs and a golf ball, disc golfers use a flying golf disc to traverse the hole. Each hole starts with a teeing area and is completed once the disc lands in the “hole”, which is a disc-catching target. While disc golf can be played with just one golf disc, the discs are designed to fly with different characteristics. Different discs can be used to hook and curve around obstacles, roll on the ground, or fly over trees. Much like golf, disc golf is full of joys and frustrations. Whether you throw that first long drive or hit the first tree off the tee, you are sure to have fun!

As far as the cost to play is concerned, well, the discs are only about ten dollars each and you only need one disc to play! Most courses are free, including the Nantucket Disc Golf Course, and there are never any tee-times to worry about.

Disc golf can be enjoyed at any time of day as the course is always open, and at any time of year, as the game can just as easily be played in a t-shirt and shorts as it can in jeans and a jacket. Regarding the dress code, well, you can always wear whatever you like to play disc golf. And you can bring your whole family out with you to play, even your dog!

+Why do you use the term “disc golf” to describe the sport, as opposed to “frisbee golf”?

The term “disc golf” is used to describe the sport because what is thrown more closely resembles a disc, rather than a traditional FrisbeeTM. Additionally, FrisbeeTM , as you may have noticed, is trademarked, so the term “disc golf” is used instead.

+Where can I learn more about disc golf?

Please visit, the home of the Professional Disc Golf Association, for more information. There, you can learn more about disc golf, look up courses in your area, and much more.

Introduction to Disc Golf

+Where is the Nantucket Disc Golf Course?

The Nantucket Disc Golf course is in the Nantucket State Forest South Pasture. This is the forest that is bounded by Old South Road, Lovers Lane and Rugged Road. This area is supervised and maintained by the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation and Nantucket Disc Golf worked with the DCR for over three years to bring the course to this forest. Building the disc golf course on this land, we believe, fits in quite well with the DCR’s goal of using the land for recreational activities in an environmentally sensitive way.

+So, you say disc golf is environmentally sensitive, tell me more…

Disc golf courses do not require much, if any, alterations to land, but instead are adapted to the environment as the trees and other natural entities provide the obstacles which make a disc golf course challenging and fun. And there is no need to water or fertilize a disc golf course as the land receives ample water and nutrition from rain. If you would like to learn more, please check out this wonderful article on about the low environmental impact of disc golf.

+Is this disc golf course a tourist attraction or something that appeals to the year-round residents of Nantucket?

Good question. First and foremost, this course was built for Nantucket year-round residents and throughout the process, the construction of the course was built with the needs and preferences of the year-round residents in mind. As we all know, there are limited recreational activities for year-round residents, especially during the off-season, and we believe that a course built specifically for year-round residents is something that is of the greatest benefit to the community.

As an organization, we plan on working together with a non-profit organization called EDGE (Educational Disc Golf Experience) to introduce the sport of disc golf to the young people on the island. We have contacted EDGE and they are very excited to one day bring their program to the island’s schools and youth organizations. Our goal, and the goal of EDGE is to provide teachers and other youth leaders with the tools they to need to teach the basics of disc golf so that the children can enjoy and learn from this amazing lifetime sport. To find out more about EDGE and how they link the sport of disc golf to learning classroom subjects like math, science and civics, check out

With all that said, the course we will be building is going to be something very special that can be enjoyed equally by locals, summer residents and tourists alike!

+Who designed the Nantucket Disc Golf Course?

John Houck (Austin, TX) designed the course. He is arguably the world's premier disc golf course designer. John was Commissioner of the Professional Disc Golf Association from 1994 to 1996, and has been President of the Disc Golf Foundation since 1998. John is the Head of Course Design for the new International Disc Golf Center, and has designed or consulted on course designs for numerous world and national tournaments, with more than 100 course designs and consultations spanning his career – more than any living designer. For more on John Houck and course design, check out

+How has this/will this all be paid for?

Building a disc golf course traditionally involves the support of a community, financially and otherwise. We plan to continue this tradition and will seek financial help from Island residents, businesses and organizations.

Nantucket Disc Golf is pleased to announce that we have received our IRS 501(c)(3) status as a non-profit organization and are now in the fortunate position of being able to accept fully tax-deductible donations! Please click here if you would like to make a tax-deductible donation.

As far as the actual physical clearing and construction of the course goes, we are seeking the help of the people of Nantucket, in line with the traditional way that disc golf courses are built.

+What can I do to help?

Glad you asked! As we are a grassroots organization, whatever you have to offer to Nantucket Disc Golf, we will gladly accept. Whether it’s your time helping to build the course, equipment that we can use during the construction, a donation toward a basket at the course, or anything else, we would love your help. Whether you’re a local or a summer resident, young or old, please don’t hesitate to approach us with whatever you have to offer to the project.

If you would like to help out in any way or have any questions, please contact Todd

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