2012 NDG Bag Tag Logo Design Challenge Guidelines


I've had a lot of people e-mail me so far and request the NDG bag tag logo design guidelines, so I went ahead and put together a one-page guidelines document.

You can download it here.

And remember, the deadline to get in your logos is April 15.


2012 NDG Bag Tag Logo Design Challenge


Nantucket Disc Golf is looking to have a spiffy Nantucket-themed logo designed for our bag tags this year.

December 18 Newsletter


Sorry for the delay in getting out timely updates on the course construction.

November 12 Newsletter


Just an amazing day installing teepads.  I want to say thanks to Chris and all the great hard-working families who came out as part of the community service group today.  I told my wife that I thought even the kids today had more landscaping knowledge and experience than I had.  Together as a group we

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