July 13 Newsletter


Hello NDG Friends!

The baskets have arrived on island and we're one step closer to getting this course in the ground!



July 6 Newsletter


Hello NDG Friends!

I'm back on island, and it's back to work we go...

This week, NDG workdays will be:

Thursday at 5pm

Sunday at 1pm 


Hope to see ya out there

June 22 Newsletter


Hello NDG Friends!

We started limbing work on hole one this past week and made some good progress.  Hopefully we'll knock out a couple more holes this week and keep on schedule for completion of this work by the time the designer returns in mid to late July.

This week, NDG workdays

June 15 Newsletter


Hello NDG Friends!

As I mentioned last week, our designer John Houck was in town the last couple of days and we got a LOT done.  John seemed quite impressed with our work on the north 8 holes.  He marked a few more (dead)

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